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I am a girl!!!!!!

2009-05-13 16:18:42 by cimbles

On the BBS, everyone thinks I am a guy!
for the 100 millionth time! I am a girl!
guys aren't the only ones on newgrounds!
for example, these newgrounds girls are in the top 50 levels ranking:
7. Junon
13. ramagi
27. Wylo
43. joliet-jane


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2009-05-13 16:21:05

I know...
now what?

cimbles responds:

I don't know,
find a friend?


2009-05-13 16:26:14

nekkid pics?!?!?!

cimbles responds:

im only 12!
that would be illegal!


2009-05-13 18:03:44

Get used to it.I have.

cimbles responds:



2009-05-13 20:53:17

in the AF, it was hip for a while to pretend to be a chick. I guess.

(Updated ) cimbles responds:

okay then!
you do that!


2009-05-13 21:39:43

whatever: s/post/99817

(Updated ) cimbles responds:

that was B4 I joined!


2009-05-13 23:41:20

I know what it is like when you tell someone what you are and you have to keep telling them and its like they do not even listen. Just take a look at my profile. I think you may have questions. just send me a message and i will answer as soon as i can. I think that men do not listen the most. i spend around 50 hrs a week around them. Jeeze. i tell yah it sucks.

(Updated ) cimbles responds:



2009-05-14 11:41:19

there are lots of us here.

cimbles responds:

I noticed


2009-05-14 22:14:07

umm so its not a big deal any way so yeah shit happens

cimbles responds:

yea, but still,
it's like nobody knows that there are girls on this site!