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Would you rather?

2009-05-15 18:45:29 by cimbles

Ok, here is how it works,
I say a would you rather question,
then someone answers it then asks a new one.

Would you rather die by getting shot in the face, or by falling in a HUGE pit of ACID.

I am a girl!!!!!!

2009-05-13 16:18:42 by cimbles

On the BBS, everyone thinks I am a guy!
for the 100 millionth time! I am a girl!
guys aren't the only ones on newgrounds!
for example, these newgrounds girls are in the top 50 levels ranking:
7. Junon
13. ramagi
27. Wylo
43. joliet-jane

my poem

2009-05-11 21:22:10 by cimbles

wrote this poem, when reading this, keep in mind that I am a girl.
it's called Someone Loves Him

here it is:

In a dark room,
Nothing around you,
All you can think is that someone,
No matter their age,
Or gender,
Loves you,
A father,
A mother,
Or even a girl,
Someone out there,
Loves you,
Me, I just like you...
A lot!

new flash

2009-04-23 21:11:59 by cimbles

i decided to ditch the lemon flash,
I am working on a new game.
it's a button game.


2009-04-18 18:07:47 by cimbles

ok, so i decided to make a news post finally!
i don't have any fans, because i don't have any submissions, BUT!
i will be submitting a flash sometime soon!
i hope.
well i'm off to blam and protect!
mostly protect!
if it has any effort in it, then it's good.
well, toodles!

peace, love